How To Get Kids Interested In Current Affairs

Children always want to know about everything, even things they do not need to know for their age. As parents, it is crucial teaching them the right things can enable them to become better human being. One of the best ways to keep your child involved is to keep him or her interested in current affairs. Learning about the economy, changing political equations, general knowledge, sports, entertainment and new innovations will keep your child’s mind active as he or she is learning something new and constructive every day. Here are a few ways to keep your child interested in current affairs

Read the newspaper together

Start by asking your child to read out the headlines every day in the newspaper. Initially, keep it to one paper but make sure he or she reads all the headlines from start to finish. Your child’s vocabulary along with concepts will be clear. If there are any doubts about pronunciations or concepts, you can clarify it. This practice will lead to knowing a child being able to recognise important leaders, eminent personalities, new inventions and even the famous celebrities.

General Knowledge quizzes

Based on the newspaper readings, start asking one or two quiz questions to your child. If she or he is able to answer the question, then give a reward. If she or he is unable to answer, you know he or she will pay more attention reading the newspaper the next day. These questions also give your child the confidence about general knowledge. Starting at such a young age will keep them glued to what is happening across the world. In addition, instead of allowing them to watch cartoons, you can encourage them to watch news channels to help with their education.

Enroll your child in classes

Enrolling your child in GP tuition centre will give them an added advantage over students. Your child is learning about issues that are relevant in today’s life and will help him or her in future. You can enrol them in multiple classes as long as they are learning something challenges their mind and makes them a sharper person. One of the best ways to keep them plugged into current affairs is enrolling them in debate classes. In this way, they would have to abreast of the latest current affair issues to be able to make logical points and support it with example or data.

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