The 101 on the IB Program

The 101 On The IB Program

The education system has evolved through the years. Kids today pretty much know what they want. When it comes to the kind of program that they would like to be a part of they make no bones in letting their parents know, and if they have the capability they enter the IB program.

The IB programme Singapore has been proven to be a wonder for children the world over. Let us look at the 101 on the international baccalaureate program.

� The IB diploma available for two years is aimed at teens in the 16-18 year range. The advantage of the program is that it is recognized the world over making it a breeze to get admission in educational institutions anywhere, not to mention a robust career later.
� The program originated in Geneva, Switzerland in the mid-1960s on a trial basis. The bilingual diploma is taught in French, Spanish and English. As a means to get ahead, students who have attended an IB program in school are likely to progress faster than their peers in other regular courses.
� Rules are different from the run of the mill admission system for the IB program. The student is evaluated through internal and external assessments. The examinations are timed and the assessments are based on three criteria � oral, written and general practical work.
� Grading students desirous of joining the course is dependent on their ability to analyze, speak well, are well informed, can think clearly, are precise and have a general feel for structure. The process as a whole is rigorous and not for everyone. Kids need to top of their game to get ahead of the course.
� Students opting for the IB course must have six subjects as their electives. The process is very specific and requires students to be commitment driven. The course content is divided into various groups. Group one � concentrates on literature and language. Group two � language acquisition. Group three � humanities Group four � experimental science. Group five- mathematics. Group six � the arts.
� From a general perspective children better their overall score and get ahead in life once they pass the IB course. As a program, it is extremely advantageous and benefits children to think out of the box. From the point of view of getting ahead, the international baccalaureate/IB degree helps better their career prospects.

In a Nutshell
In sum, the international baccalaureate program has a well-marked system that benefits students improve their learning and retentive abilities.

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