How to imbue a hardworking quality in a child

One of the characteristics that is vital for an individual who wants to achieve success is hard work. There are however a lot of people that are not able to work hard, due to the fact that they were not trained on this trait.

They have always had things done for them right from when they were young and have never really deemed it necessary to work hard. There are also others who are not very motivated to work hard. Their inability to work hard subsequently affects their productivity and the rate of success they are able to achieve. Therefore, it is vital for parents to start to imbue hard work in their kids from a very young age, so that it becomes a habit for them by the time they are older. Here are some steps parents can take to imbue a hardworking quality in their child.


Parents need to be patient when teaching their child how to be hard working. This is because most children might try as much as possible to avoid this training and try not to do any work when they noticed they are not being watched. Parents must therefore patiently tutor their children on how to be hardworking, as well as the importance of being hardworking.

Subsequently, they would have to give them tasks on a daily basis and watch how they carry out the task. They should not only ensure that the child does the task, but they should make sure that the task is done at the right time and that it is properly done. Continuously tutoring the child in this way would help them to develop the habit of being hardworking and diligent. As they grow, they would be able to properly carry out the tasks they are given at the right time.

Praise the child when he deserves it

Everybody loves to be encouraged when they have done the right thing. It is therefore important for parents to praise their child when they have done something that is worthy of praise. Parents must constantly tell their child words like thank you, well done and good job, amongst several related words, when they have properly carried out a task to the end. This would help them to know that they have done the right thing. Tutors of enrichment classes for toddlers in Singapore also understand this and always put nice remarks after marking their work and they get a good or perfect mark.

Regularly check the study habits of the child

The major task that most children are expected to do is their school work. Parents must therefore regularly check the study habits of their children to ensure they are copying their notes in class and that their assignments are personally done. This would encourage the child to be hardworking in school. This trait would also reflect in other aspects of their lives as well. They would therefore be successful in their activities and also be hardworking while pursuing their careers.

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